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Quality and hygiene

In Sarabia Plastics we follow strict standards of quality and hygiene in line with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and feeding protocol BRC / IoP implanted.

certificado iso9001El certified integrated Quality and Health System we work with guarantee consumer safety and the safety of our packaging, as well as compliance with legal requirements applicable to the products we manufacture and market.

okWe carry out quality control at our plant throughout the whole production process, including the following actions:

  • Control of visual quality and continuous monitoring by our machine operators
  • Regular inspections by our quality personnel
  • Tests on characteristics such as closure, hermeticity, temperature resistance…

All our facilities are protected against external contamination by means of double doors, insect exterminators and pest control measures. The machines use robots for automatic extraction, minimising product handling.

The management has acquired a commitment to the development and improvement of the Integrated Quality and Hygiene Management System, providing both the human and technical resources necessary.

Sustainability and the environment


We at Sarabia Plastics are firmly committed to the sustainable manufacture of packaging for food use.

We are aware of our impact on the environment, and that is why all the materials used for our packagings are fully recyclable.

In terms of their carbon footprint they are more environmentally friendly than traditional cans and glass jars.

According to studies, the CO2 impact of a unit of plastic packaging is approximately 60% of that of a jar and 20% of that of a can.

Our goal is to continuously lower our carbon footprint, reducing thicknesses and optimising packaging use and product transportation. As regards energy consumption, we are incorporating fully electric latest-generation injection machines, with the resulting energy savings they bring.