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Standard Packaging

We manufacture and sell a wide range of standard formats for different sectors, such as pre-cooked meals, cheeses, fresh pasta, meat, fish…

Our packaging is used by those who sell in retail spaces and as well as in the Horeca food sector.

We progressively incorporate new models according to trends and market needs.

Made-to-measure packaging

The large majority of Sarabia Plastics’ packagings result from exclusive made-to-measure projects, with a design adapted to the needs of each customer.

With both injected and thermoformed packaging we start with an initial idea and continue with the design, a prototype, moulds and finally production.

We use all the technology available in the industry:


  • Rendered virtual 3D packaging
  • Models created using stereography, with the real dimensions of the final packaging
  • Prototype mould for creating pre-series of real packaging types
  • High-production mould, to guarantee the necessary production capacity

Decoration and customisation

We offer a number of decoration technologies, according to your needs..


Packaging must be attractive and should stand out on the shelf. Consumers spend less and less time deciding on a purchase and the visual element plays a vital role when it comes to choosing.

We have IML labelling, which is the highest quality labelling solution. The label is perfectly integrated into the packaging and it guaranteed highly legible text and bar codes.

We offer the possibility of PML labelling using a vinyl adhesive, ideal for medium-quality production runs.

A sleeve offers 360º decoration for any shape of packaging and can include a seal and will protect the packaging from scratches and scrapes.

Screen printing offers a practical solution that may be suitable either for short or long runs; it is usually linked to promotions, logos, bar codes…


At Sarabia Plastics we continuously innovate as regards materials (biodegradable materials, multiple layer barriers…), reducing thicknesses to optimise costs for our customers. We work with them on restyling packaging types, adapting them to the latest trends.

We are always in contact with our customers, exchanging ideas and providing solutions in each case, for each product.